Sunday, December 13, 2009

Diamonds: Why Must You Ruin My Sundays?! - Today

So I am watching football, which is how I like to spend my Sundays. Everyone jokes about the Viagra ads, but they are negligible blips on the media landscape, vaporous. The mind goes naturally elsewhere. The diamond ads, on the other hand, with their insistence on narrative? Sicklysweet retrograde narratives of slicklysweet men and ickilysweet, diamond-needy women: Scarring! And the flopsweat efforts to create new "occasions" for diamonds? Well, I consider these a full-on challenge to check out the latest on the evil, evil world of diamond mining. Wish I could link to the latest from Zales, but this will do just fine.

Oh, and check back soon for news on my Forever Gimp line of camp-created commitment bracelets.


  1. I couldn't agree more about diamonds! I have to admit to admiring others' diamonds but I would feel very bad about owning/wearing my own. Also sorry you didn't enjoy yourself MORE in Silver Lake - I thought the parking nightmares only occurred in NYC, on Seinfeld and in Joisey. In any case the dive bars are still here. And I guess it's o.k. they're not open earlier in the day. I have something for you over on my site. If you are tempted at all to mess with the veil of mystery that hovers over your own.

  2. No, no... I LOVED Silver Lake, and the car towing was only a bonus, since I never drive. It was an instant adventure!