Saturday, January 16, 2010

Robert - Aspiration - Today

There is what you want, and what you have. You want a digital camera to document your beautiful life, and you want a more beautiful life. Instead, your camera was stolen from your home in Indonesia, and your computer is so slow that you can't upload the photos you can't take anyway. But you're an American, an optimist, and so you take your Saturdays as they come -- and then vote against your own interests in the next election. Ha ha, just kidding, unless you are a Republican, which you are not. So...

You get up at 7:30 with the usual recent sinus pain. You make coffee (Trader Joe's Bay Blend) and hope that will do its magic, and then your special orange juice concoction: two squeezed oranges plus fizzy Poland Spring with lemon whatever-it-is-they-add. You end up with something just like the top photo above. (Not really, but since you don't have a camera, this will have to represent the deliciousness.)

Then you walk to Georgetown with two goals in mind: Buy the new Vampire Weekend and get a decent haircut. Vampire Weekend turns out to be a problem. Barnes & Noble is barely trying with the music thing, and the last "record store" in Washington is having an "everything must go" sort of sale. Actually, it's a bit surprising that not all of Georgetown Park is having an "everything must go" sale... you worked there 26 years ago, and it was pretty worthless even then. Your employer, the offputtingly named "Davisons of Bermuda," sold incredibly scratchy wool sweaters you couldn't possibly wear in Bermuda, should you ever find yourself in Bermuda, which you didn't and haven't and won't.

The haircut, on the other hand: not so bad. This is the first time in your life that you are dependent upon a salon, as opposed to a barber shop, but Guillaume at O cuts like a barber, so putting aside the cost (which is hard to do these days), you are generally pleased. And it is nice to have your hair washed by somebody else, with slightly tingly better shampoo than you would ever use at home. Today's happens to be a particularly stylin' cut, and you leave looking like the Beach Boy on the top right of the buggy.

On the way home, you go back to Barnes & Noble to buy a magazine, barely even bothering to be enraged about the COMPLETE ABSENCE of newsstands in DC. Of course magazines must be bought at a Barnes & Noble in a big city like Washington, and what could be less irritating? TimeOut New York has Vampire Weekend on the cover, plus lots of pictures of hearty winter stews, so wins by a landslide over Dwell, GQ, and every single music magazine in the world (or, in any case, the Barnes & Noble racks, and it's important to remember that this is a store that has done nothing wrong ever, like putting interesting small bookstores out of business with ruthless discounting, or contributing to the "people you meet in heaven" decline of American culture.)

...Where were you? Oh yes, home again. Time for breakfast, because really the thought of food in the first two to three hours of the day is basically unappealing. Scrambled eggs with horseradish and a piece of toast over a couple of moves on Lexulous. (You're ahead, but early days still...) And then a nap. Normally you are nap-averse, but sinus pain will create all sorts of new behavior. Your second big hit, after "Allergies, Allergies," will be "The Nose Knows What it Wants." An hour and another Lexulous move (for 31 points) later, you are off to your gym, which looks like photo three.

Actually, your gym, while empirically the most expensive gym in Washington, looks nothing like that. It has windows, which is a boon in basement-oriented DC, but the other members are surly and wear absurd clothing (how hard IS a tee shirt and sweatpants, folks?) and there is just a general aura of bad karma (hmm... along with the naps, you are using words like aura and karma, probably incorrectly). Of course, it doesn't help that it's in a Ritz-Carlton.

Hey, good news: Football starts in twelve. In the meantime, you've been struggling with your piece-of-nonsense PC to post this, and listening to one of your theme songs while you wait for your Vampire fix. You know, you can you will you do you must aspire. And while imperfection and irritation sit on either shoulder, holding hands, occasionally (when the temperature rises above freezing) a good day just rolls on in. And then you find that what you have is (mysteriously) enough. You may celebrate that now with an actual cocktail -- photo TK.

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