Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Izzy - March 1990

It is sooo big. And how fortunate that there was a photographer on hand the one day of the year you can actually see the mountains.

I still don't like it here (not even a little) -- it's big, dirty, crowded, hostile -- but I've decided to perservere nonetheless. You see, I have an agenda. I have a possible job selling movies to video stores (movies with titles like Cobra II and stars like William Katt) and an interview with an actors' studio this afternoon. This is either just the beginning or the beginning of the end. Either way, I'm terrified, but determined.

Adulation and acclaim -- both in the same semester? I'm impressed, as I am with your TA-ship. Finally, you can mold people in your image. Crew cuts for everyone!

Let's make a deal -- Whoever gets famous first has to take the other along for the ride.

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