Sunday, November 1, 2009

Laura - May 1985

Monday 29 April 1985 - I received 3 cacti (rather large) from my friend because they were "getting into everything, especially the stereo."

Saturday 4 May 1985 - My housemate had a party.

Sunday 5 May 1985 - #1 cactus in my room where I left it. #2 cactus downstairs by an open window. #3 where? Jumping to conclusions, I decided someone took him because he was so "odd." I hoped whoever got pricked thousand X's. And then inevitably I became disillusioned about this entire world.

One and a half hours later Mary found #3 lying outside the window, having survived the toss incredibly well. I was able to continue with the day.

You may be pleased to know the cactus is resting safely under the bench on which I sit. The bench is white. The sky is blue.

while on the street sometime
watch people swing their arms as they go by
seems as if people can't move without swinging their arms
You'll get such a kick out of it. I just
know you'll start laughing

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