Sunday, November 1, 2009

Phil - October 1987

I have recently taken up two new hobbies that may interest you. The first one is darts. I purchased a set of good British throwing darts at the Quonset Hut with the help of my employee discount. A friend has since lent me his old dartboard, which I put in my room. I learned that darts were invented by knights in the Middle Ages to kill time between jousting, saving fair maidens, slaying dragons, and other general knightly tasks. The ideas of chivalry and courtesy still exist in the game today and the people who play in the bars around Akron are a fairly amiable group.

My second hobby is Oriental cooking. With the help of my birthday money, I bought a wok from Pier One. Now I can cook bland food in two cultures, instead of just one.

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  1. Quonset Hut, darts and Pier One -- add a trip to Swenson's and you have the prototypical mid-80s day in Akron.